About the Network

The Global Network of UNESCO Chairs on Gender was created in 2010 by UNESCO together with the UNESCO Regional Chair for Women, Science and Technology in Latin America.


It seeks to promote interdisciplinary exchanges and the generation of new knowledge that can contribute to the implementation of innovative practices and policies in the field of gender studies.

The Network currently comprises 16 UNESCO Chairs from different countries that carry out research, training and advocacy regarding gender-related matters: youth, gender-based violence, education of girls and women, sexuality, communication, human rights, democracy, women’s political and economic participation and activism; STEAM education, Society of Knowledge, Sustainable Development, urban planning and climate change.

Its mission is framed within the UNITWIN Programme’s strategic guidance whilst its plan of action is linked to overall UNESCO priorities and, particularly, the UNESCO’s Priority Gender Equality Action Plan, 2014-2021.

Gender Equality
Action Plan
UNESCO-Priority Gender Equality Action Plan

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